And now for “Still (Vol. II)”

Remember this?

A very small taste.

A very small taste.

Things are changing. Working on new music that may surprise some of you. Kind of in the vein of Still (Vol. I), but with lots and lots of bass.

Some sad news today. Our drummer, Tyler, has decided to leave the band. So that means we are looking for a new drummer. If you or anyone you know is interested in auditioning, please send us a message.

Here’s a letter from our dear friend, Tyler:

After two and a half years, tens of thousands of miles, and just about 100 shows, I will be stepping down as drummer for Counterfeit i. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this band during that time. Please know that I am parting ways with Derek and Ryan on good terms and negativity played no role in this decision. Derek and Ryan have pushed me to become a better musician and performer, and perhaps sometime in the future our creative energy will form a collective again. But for now, the right decision is for me to close this musical chapter and search for the next. This was a very difficult decision and as you can imagine we are all pretty bummed out. However, I’m excited for the possibilities the future may hold. I will continue to perform through the November tour dates. Until then I’m not checking out and if you come to a show between now and then I will still be giving it everything I got.

Thank you,
Drums | Booking [for a limited time]
Counterfeit i



Hi-Tone 200 Tube Amplifier

Where Reeves amps win over in the Boutique Hiwatt field, the Hi-Tone has been steadily competing with them.  Reeves amps, while amazing in their own right, are incredible boutique Hiwatt pieces, but for better or worse depending they generally aren’t as true to the original Hiwatt specs that people loved.  That’s where Hi-Tone comes in.  They not only wanted to make an amazing modern boutique Hiwatt amp, they wanted it to be built Dave Reeves original Hiwatt specs that every came to love about his amps.  They even went as so far as to hire Dave Reeves son to build for them.  While Reeves makes an amazing amp (their custom 225 for bass is at the top of my want list right now),  Hi-Tone is the company to go to if you want an amazing rebuild of that old classic Hiwatt.

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Well, now….

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The Whale Road beckons us

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I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me.
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They got the lyrics wrong…

Interesting little tour this last weekend. Buffalo was awesome!

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Seascapes: Photos by Antti Viitala

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